If you’re like many people these days, and have too much time on your hands, then you might be looking for something to do. After all, there are only so many movies a person can watch before they feel a sense of shame. That’s why doing something to help your society is always a good thing to do instead of wasting time, so that not only can you help people but you can get that self-respect you deserve. Here are 3 things you can start today that might help your society in ways you never thought.

#1 Write a Book

Writing a book is often mislabeled as a selfish endeavor. That’s because many people do it just to make money on the side. But by writing a biography or a travel novel, you’re sharing your knowledge and experience with people who may never get it otherwise. So write something that you think will help people, give the book away for free. After all, you don’t have to pay anything to produce e-books. I know people who wrote about their addictions or how they got out of crime, and people who read their material are now blessed with helpful wisdom.

#2 Make a YouTube Channel

By making a YouTube channel, you get the chance to give your two cents in a much easier way than writing a book. If you have something to tell your fellow citizens, something they ought to know, then making a video and sharing it on social media is a great way to get your message across. It’s tantamount to making a podcast or a blog, like the one we have here, which are other things you can do to help spread awareness about any topic you please.

#3 Volunteer for Your Local Church or Political Party

This is my favorite one for it’s perfect for university students to get experience or young people to find a healthier group of friends. Even if you’re not religious, there are many churches that do great services for local communities, like bottle runs and charity events. So call or check out the website of your local church to see how you can help. Also, political parties you support are nearly always looking for an extra hand to put up posters and make their communities better. Try giving them an email.

And have fun out there.