Starting in November we’ve been learning a lot more about stone masonry services in Ottawa Ontario. We’ve been chatting with a stone mason there and have learned a lot. Whenever someone asks us if we do stone masonry in Ottawa we usually refer the business to another company. And there are a lot of Ottawa masonry companies to choose from. We thought to make it easier on clients by narrowing it down to one good company in Ottawa who can handle extra business.

So if you’re looking for masonry Ottawa service, we recommend the Masonry Dads of Ottawa. They’re a newer company of younger folks who love taking on new clients with their services. They do everything you’d expect a company of bricklayers and stone masons to do, like natural stone veneer, retaining walls, paving, etc. I connected them personally with a client who was looking for brick chimney repair and the report was great. Good news all around, with quality results and polite service.

In Canada we offer different services but some we have to pass along to companies like the one above. Ottawa is a big city in Ontario and we’re glad to have a hand in the pile there. Not many companies will be as honest about this on their blog as us but that’s what this blog is for, showing readers the ins and outs of maintaining construction work in Canada.

In Ottawa, you can always call (613) 707-1130 for stone masonry service.