Welcome back to the Piramid blog. An engineer recently living in Canada, trapped here with his family, exploring new sites, I’m here today to give a special thank you to someone special. I’m so sorry I don’t know your name, but I’m sending this thank you out to the universe. All I remember is the company you work for because of the logo on your appliance repair van, but I wish I could hug you 1,000 times because you saved my life. Now for everyone else reading, it’s time to explain what I’m talking about here.

I had gotten a little too drunk watching sports with some friends at a bar in downtown Hamilton Ontario when I suddenly got up and decided to go for a walk after the game had ended. I had no idea where I was, but I felt secure with my phone. I walked and walked through the streets of Hamilton and time must have flown by because I don’t even remember walking into the suburbs. I was just there. I was lost before I knew it, too wasted to read the letters on my own phone. This is by far the craziest night I’ve had in Canada since I moved here from Italy because for the first time I felt like I was in danger. I was in a strange neighborhood and every time I tried to ask a stranger for help they ignored me as if I were a plague.

It wasn’t until I found an industrial complex, after walking aimlessly for several hours, that I felt like I would never make it home again. But time ticked on, and before I knew it my hand was up, waving at oncoming traffic, and a mysterious van pulled over to see how I was doing. I thought I was in trouble, until the kind voice of the appliance repair Hamilton workman flew from the window and asked, “Do you need a ride?” I wasn’t even aware that I was trying to hitchhike; I was just lost and begging the universe for help. But this kind workman asked me where I needed to go and listened to my story when I told him I needed to go back to my hotel downtown. We ended up having a great conversation and I’ll be sub-contracting work for for him in the future because after I explained that I’m an engineer with hands in many fields we knew we would be friends. I have to call the appliance repair Hamilton company he works for on Monday to get his name and number but, yeah, this man is a hero and all I want to do is say THANK YOU, SIR! You’re an honorable gentleman.

I can’t wait to speak to this man again and continue to pick his brain about the appliance repair industry, especially because I believe, since my engineering company delves in that field, that we can do great business together. I remember our conversation word for word as if I was speaking to an angel but we forgot to exchange names. I’m finally recovered enough from last night to write this thank you letter and as soon as Monday rolls around you can bet that I’ll be calling that Hamilton appliance repair company to get back in touch with the man who saved me from aimlessly walking around like a mummy for the night. It’s hard to explain how grateful I am, but this is my attempt. Until we talk again, I hope this will suffice.

You rock, sir!