Part of being engineers and construction workers, contractors and electricians means providing maintenance for our fellow citizens and clients around the world. When we get down to work maintaining what we do best, it reminds us of the maintenance we have to do here on our own website. To keep this blog up to date and popping off, we will have to continually maintain it. And that’s okay with us because maintenance is our specialty.

It’s like maintaining anything: your appliances, your landscape, your rock walls, your car engine, or even your own personal health and well-being. Maintenance is important no matter what it is you have to maintain.

What kind of things do you spend most of your time maintaining? Your education? Your friendships? For us, we maintain our client relationships, our customers’ major home appliances, our partners’ contracts and, now, our website. The easiest metaphor for others to understand is by comparing website maintenance (online) to landscape maintenance (at work). Why so? Because just like a landscaper must trim the hedges, mow the lawn, and plant the trees, a blogger must reply to comments, write more content and find good photos to use for their posts. It’s all the same, just looks different.

This has been fun to discuss because not many others discuss the importance of “maintenance” at a general level. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed planning and preparing this.