As an engineer, I look at everything and think of ways to improve it. As far as I’m concerned, a happy year is here and it’s there for you too if you want it. Constructing a good life takes time and patience–baby steps. When I was little I never though life would be so great. I may not be able to go to the movie theater but I have movies at my finger tips even when I’m in the garage!

Enjoying my time in Canada with social distancing in 2020 has been challenging with managing my contracting business. But like landscaping a new back yard I have tools at my disposal to make the day to day magical.

I know I will engineer a great year and my advice if you want to too is to sacrifice something you know you can easily loose, something that is good for you, and replace it with something bad in order to get a dozen-fold more good things in return. Understanding this will not be possible if you do not have that thing in your life that you strive for but want to let go of. That good thing, if you let go of it, may bring in many new things.

Thanks for reading.