I know people from India who eat spicy food for breakfast, but with my genes that would be torture. I want to talk about my experience with eating spicy food before working on a construction site all day because I recently had an employee who did just that and had to go home early because of how hard it was on his body. And, yes, there is supposed to be humor in this tale.

If you’re an engineer who must be working on the construction project all day and you’re not used to spicy food, please don’t eat it before coming into work. If you haven’t already done it, then learn from our mistakes. This way you can assure that your job will be well done. Do you know that feeling spicy food can give you in your guts? Well imagine that while your responsibility is staying on the job site and you don’t have much time to use the bathroom. At home it’s fine because you can read a book on the toilet and the flavor might be worth the pain but at work all comfort is out the window.

By saving your craving for spicy food for after work, you won’t have this problem and can enjoy the pains of upsetting your stomach comfortably. Not everyone gets stomach pain from eating really spicy food but if you’re like me then take this life lesson seriously when you get the craving to eat spicy food before work. Trust me, you don’t want to experience it.

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