As a construction company newly moved to Canada from Spain, we went from serving Britain, France and Spain to sticking in Canada with our many services. From maintenance to construction, landscaping to masonry, we do it all with our team of diligent contractors. Piramid, however, is our company but this website is just our blog. You can find out where to order our services online elsewhere. Here is where we blog about what we love best, all the services we provide, and our experiences providing them.

Learning English has been a challenge for me personally, but being in Canada now for some years has made it easier, and I even know some French. Before, when our construction company operated out of Spain, all I knew how to speak was Spanish. But not anymore! I would used to stay stuff like: “Nuestras construcciones son robustas, una solidez asegurada por los materiales empleados y por la mano de obra experimentada que trabaja en nuestras instalaciones.” Now, I say our services span wide, touching many more fields than they used to, as we do everything from appliance repair to tree services and more.

Here is a list of all that we specialize in as a team:

  1. Fence and deck building
  2. Home renovation
  3. Landscaping
  4. Demolition
  5. Tree services
  6. Stone masonry and chimney repair
  7. House building
  8. Appliance repair and maintenance
  9. And many more services.

We thank you for being interested in us. We keep looking to grow and make new friends, so feel free to contact us for questions. AdiĆ³s!