Engineer Yourself a Happy New Year

As an engineer, I look at everything and think of ways to improve it. As far as I’m concerned, a happy year is here and it’s there for you too if you want it. Constructing a good life takes time and patience–baby steps. When I was little I never though life would be so great. […]

A Winnipeg Landscaping Job Well Done

In Europe we had a few bad experiences referring jobs to other businesses, but in Canada so far bad experiences are not the case. All we’ve had is good experiences in Canada, especially around Winnipeg MB. And here’s the best one to prove that right now, this story. We were too busy to handle a […]

Picked up by an Appliance Repair Hamilton Workman

Welcome back to the Piramid blog. An engineer recently living in Canada, trapped here with his family, exploring new sites, I’m here today to give a special thank you to someone special. I’m so sorry I don’t know your name, but I’m sending this thank you out to the universe. All I remember is the […]