Originally a Spanish engineering and construction service and maintenance company operating internationally, this is now the unofficial blog of Piramid. Welcome to the Piramid Construction Blog, where since 2020 we have taken on discussing new topics we’ve never discussed before. Remaking our website to become a blog and nothing but a blog, you can look elsewhere to order our services, although we may still answer questions if you contact us. But now let us get to what you will find when checking back here for content. These are the topics we love to explore…

We love to discuss what it’s like to be a contractor. In Canada where we now operate, there’s much to talk about. But we may also talk about bygone experiences in Spain, as English is our second language.

Here you may also find content about proper ways to repair appliances, the best masonry practices and how to be a good landscaper or operate a good landscaping company.

We look forward to delving into new topics because never before has a blog planned to get into the depth that we plan to dig to when it comes to blogging about the things we love–mainly quality maintenance services.

You’re awesome for being here. Feel free to stay for a while and explore.