In Europe we had a few bad experiences referring jobs to other businesses, but in Canada so far bad experiences are not the case. All we’ve had is good experiences in Canada, especially around Winnipeg MB. And here’s the best one to prove that right now, this story. We were too busy to handle a Winnipeg landscaping service that was called in ourselves with our own company so we passed the job on to another local landscaper company we’ve never talked to before and we’re here today to thank them and let them know they’ll be getting more business from Piramid in the future. That’s the truth.

The reason we’re so impressed by this landscaping Winnipeg company is because not only are they still hustling happily during these hard times for the economy but they’re also doing it for an important reason–to help local clients get the services they need and desire.

We consider them the kings of landscaping in Winnipeg for that reason. What is that reasons? Let’s break it down…

  1. They pick up the phone nearly every time.
  2. The offer more quality than they brag about on their website.
  3. They’re surprisingly not competitive, and focus on the value of their own services like Steve Jobs.
  4. They’re Winnipeg locals to the heart, patriots who care about the Canadian economy.
  5. They make me wish I had moved to Canada a lot sooner.

I’m down with the pros of Winnipeg landscaping, and so is the whole team. Our company might be the delegation pros when it comes to construction, as our ancient Italian family can vouch, but when it comes to local quality services from a small business no one does it better than these guys at Winnipeg Landscaping Pros. The reason we can make such a big judgment so early is because we witnesses first hand the skill and diligence that this crew of landscapers goes through when they reach a job site.

winnipeg landscaping

Economical smart decisions aren’t getting the carpets replaced the same year you get a new dog. It’s smart after 5 years or so of having a dog, and this knowledge correlates to what I saw watching the Winnipeg Landscaping Pros work magic in the garden of a residential property. They help the client save money by sharing insider secrets openly. They fulfil the definition of landscaping in every level. And that’s not something you just say, especially if you come from an ancient Italian family.

They added new paving to the garden paths, a fresh pond full of fish that irrigates the grass in the backyard. They trimmed the trees, planted new flowers and hedges. And best of all they made the clients smile in way we couldn’t do ourselves, as they have way more experience in landscaping than us. So thank you, guys. You did a great job.